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Machines being invented to do things impossible by man alone is not only the major narrative of the part x thousands of years but a major philosophical topic. Computers are the latest and greatest of these inventions, capable of sending massive amounts of information almost instantaneous around the globe, doing our most calculation intensive computations at billions or trillions of time faster than by a human mind, and keeping track of infrastructure in a scalable massive way. These are only a few, and possibly not even the most important uses of just the invention of computers. It is now acknowledged that AI is an even more versatile sub-category of computing; where computing in general lacks in smart-ness (the now-common phrase, “computers are fast, but only humans are smart”), AI allegedly will make up for it. The problems of the past solvable by computers were impossible by humans simply because of the speed of calculation, transmission of information over distance, and amount of tangible information storage. So what problems can be solved after this, when computers become fast and smart? I would say environment issues are foremost. The sustainability of perhaps Earth, and certainly the human race is in the hands of the best tools we create to ensure them i.e. AI could surely be nobly justified as a means to ensure the survivability of humans. An unrealistic goal of mine is to create an AI that could solve climate issues far better than would be possible even with solely human action. The AI ethical questions would be the typical ones: how much power can you reasonably give the AI, how to ensure that there are limitations such that only good things are done (Bostrom’s paperclip maximizer). A first step might come in the form of just an AI that outlines what WOULD need to be done to achieve sustainability and provide a variety of paths to achieve such (let’s hope at least one will be minimally painful to humans), although the choice of which path to take would certainly cause much peril and argument no matter what.